Beam Dyeing Machine

Main technical specification

  • Integrated dyeing tank structure design
  • High-efficient pipe array heat exchanger
  • High efficient beam pump: liquid flow circulation from inner to outside.
  • Suitable for flexible fabric rolling diameter and width.
  • temp. control range 0-140°C,design pressure: 5.2 bar
  • Heating speed 25°C-130°C, average 4.5°C/min
  • cooling speed 130°C-80°C, average 3°C/min
  • Low bath ratio: 1:3= 1:6 range

Principle Diagram

Auto reversing controlled by liquid flow commutator

Equal capacity reserve tank connected to direct heating device

Beam blind barrel (to reduce the bath ratio), spare beam

PH value on line checking, PH value on line auto control Dyeing

With stirrer and double accessory drum, auto feed Switcher system

Tank cover retarder rotary beam device ( half bath partial filled)

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