LMH815 Dry&Wet Sueding Machine

Main technical specification

  • Roller width: 1800mm-3400mm
  • Machine speed: Y6+2(5-50m/min)
  • Sueding rollers QTY: 6 carbon/ceramic fiber rollers+2 sanding rollers
  • Installed power: 80KW


Diamiond sand paper

Electric control

The application of sueding machine is wide for many different styles of fabric. It is not only suitbale for weft knitting fabric, but also for warp knitting fabric. It can be not only used for dry sueding but also wet sueding. Beside sueding normal fabric, it also can sued the nylon fabric or polyester blended fabric with high content of spandex, in case of normal sueding process, the spandex fiber will become very crisp due to high temperature caused by friction, also the strength will be reduced so that the fiber of fabric will be broken on machine. Besides,the hand feel of fabric will become hard under hot and then cold situation. Therefore, dry sueding is not recommended for such fabric. But in case of wet sueding for such spandex fabric, the water will take away the heat created by friction of fabric and the high speed rotating grinding roller, so the heat will not gather in fabric and strength of fabric will not be reduced to cause fiber breakage. The most important feature of wet sueding is the water can not only lubricate the fiber on surface effect of short and tightness. And after wet sueding, the strength of fabric will not be weakened obviously and fabric can get the soft hand feeling like velvet and appearance of reminiscence and no fuzz.

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