Batching Motion Machine

Main technical specification

  • suitable for fabric roll weight:max. 1,300 kg
  • max. fabric roll Ø up to 1,500 mm
  • Inverter control AC helical gear drive
  • Suitable for flexible fabric rolling diameter and width.
  • Power supply 380V / 50Hz with transformer
  • -Fabric speed 0.2 – 1 m/min
  • Color standard grey

Can be completed with any type of weaving loom

The reliable and stable converter control mode is adopted

The constant tension control is adonted with dearessive pro tata to the windina diameter ( conecontrol)

Precision decline dear transducer motor Is adoptde

Edoe in line precision=5mm

Suitable for winding of higher batching requirement fabric for example the safety air bag of the car

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