Multiple head quliting machine

Main technical specification

  • working quilting width range: 240mm-3200mm
  • Needle Lines:3 lines
  • Needle line space:5 inch(50.8/76.2/127) 6 inch(76.2/76.2)
  • Head pitch (mm) :25.4mm
  • Needle Stitch: 3-8mm
  • Material Thickness:<800gsm
  • Stitching Speed:800-1200rpm

Innovative needle bar design boosts speed, while minimizing maintenance, paving the way for seamless, efficient quilting.

Empowered by Windows OS, LCD screen, and CNC program, the machine delivers an ultra-modern, intuitive user experience.

Unleash creativity with over 250 preloaded designs and the ability to craft bespoke patterns, taking quilting to a whole new level.

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