Hydro extractor

Main technical specification

  • maximum capacity:220kg~300kg
  • Drum size (mm):Ф1200 or 1500
  • Main motor power (kw):7.5
  • Inverter power (kw):11
  • Fabric guide motor power (kw):0.75
  • Drum speed (rpm):750

The unique three-legged suspension structure can avoid the vibration caused by the unbalanced load.

The inner chamber is made of high quality 304 stainless steel plate, which is strong and durable (316 material can be customized for chemical and pharmaceutical industries and other corrosion resistant types).

The unique brake opening and closing arm device, easy to use, good braking performance, safe and reliable.

the machine adopts triangle tape drive, driven by the motor starting wheel, slow start to normal speed, smooth operation without vibration.

the frequency-controlled model adopts electric brake, avoiding the trouble of manual brake wear and tear and later maintenance.

the machine can also be customized for users with four-foot flat type dewatering machine, free of fixation, variable frequency speed regulation, one-touch start/stop, pneumatic lid opening, etc.

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