Mini Sizing Stenter

Main technical specification

  • Working width: 700mm-3600mm
  • Cloth-holding form: pin, clip or pin&clip
  • Number of chamber: 2-12
  • Machine speed: 1-100m/min
  • Max operation temperature: 160°C
  • Heating source: Infra Red Electrical Heating system
  • Coating: padder
  • Inlet: Open width, batch unwinder
  • Outlet: Plaiter, winder
  • Swivel Tension Unit
  • Machine weight: 50T
  • Electric power source:380V 50Hz

Stable vertical

Inverter control of cabinet

Automatic selvedge detecting device

Mini Sizing Stenter Machine for pre treatment and post treatment of fabric which are essential processes of digital printing technology.

The machine is suitable for coating and drying silks, cotton, synthetics and woollens. Mini Sizing Stenter machine is economical, user friendly, has the best features and is highly cost effective.

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