Camera Type Weft Straightener

Main technical specification

  • Type of web: woven or knit&woven fabric
  • Machine speed: 1-150/min
  • Angular resolution: 0.05 degrees
  • Direction angle: ±5° - ±45°
  • Density range setting: 3-450 threads/inch
  • Rollers width: up to 2600mm
  • Skew correction: 3-4 pcs
  • Bow correction: 2-3 pcs
  • Web tension: 20-1000N
  • Sensors: 6-8 sets( M type camera), Infinite dimming
  • Roller diameter: 100mm
  • Display: 15" color touch screen, microcoputer control
  • Weight: 1700-2100KG

electric control

transportation drive

directing system

For complex structure varieties (e.g. twill, jacquard, satin, etc.), MFG weftstraightener has intelligent recognition algorithms to cope with them.

Remote intelligent service guarantee. Through the Internet remote service program, MFG provide customers with intelligent reminders of faults, remote handling of problems and software upgrades for weft straightener.

The servo motor is continuously sensitive to the wefting, and the motion control system intelligently detects deviations from the weft movement (e.g. oscillations in the weft result), making the system more widely adaptable.

High speed digital camera plus advanced image processing technology for high detection accuracy.

Camera type weft straightener focus on complicated structure fabric like satin, sateen, Twill and etc.​

"M" type camera working principle

The weft structure of the fabric is photographed by an “M” type HD digital camera, the fabric structure pattern is accurately analysed and processed by a high-speed computer in real time, and the weft slope and weft bend of the fabric are calculated in time.

Transmittance Mode

By playing transmitted infra-red light on the fabric surface, the “M” type camera can clearly and gradually take out the fabric structure, and the high-speed computer calculates and processes the fabric structure intelligently in real time.

Reflective Mode

For the light is not easy to penetrate the fabric varieties, can be issued from the “M” type camera side of the reflected infrared light, cloth surface reflected light so that the camera can take in the fabric structure of the fabric, high-speed computer real-time fabric structure intelligent calculation processing.

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